Materials: bronze cast and brass

honey golden bronze, graphite patinated bronze,
golden sateen polished brass

Main dimensions:
height 53 cm x width 53 cm x depth 23 cm  
(height 21 in x width 21 in x depth 9 in)

Weight: 10,5 kg / 23 lb

Edition number:  1 of 8 (edition limited to 8 copies)

Symbolic meaning of the sculpture:
This statue the winged goddess of victory is an original, individual, artistic vision
of one of the most iconic symbols and archetypes of human civilization
– the goddess derived from Greek mythology, who ruled in Olympus at the side of Zeus,
being since Antiquity, a timeless metaphor of victory, glory, fame, courage, bravery…
good luck, divine help and grace of providence giving success in struggle.

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