Golden Whisper

brass casting, forged brass, natural stone

brown patina, gold satin

Main dimensions:
H 60 x W 60 x D40 cm
(H 24 x W 24 x D 16 inch)

apprx. 15 kg (33 lb)

Symbolic message of the sculpture:
„The Golden Whisper” is a symbol
of golden-mouthed, inner voices,
intuition and inspiration, which are often
subtle and silent, but can be very valuable.
“The Golden Whisper” is a metaphor for inspiring thoughts and feelings that lead
to great achievements and discoveries 

To an individual order, the sculpture
can be made in any size or gold-plated.

The sculpture is signed with
an individual number and a certificate issued by the artists who are
its authors.

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– email:
– phone: +48 601 566 435