MORPHOSOS, named after the Greek term for ‘to shape’ or ‘to form’,
is an artistic group founded by Piotr Cieślik and Krzemir Helinski
– the team leaders and design directors.

The group creates sculptures, paintings and other artworks in all scales and in all sectors,
for corporate, commercial, residential and other spaces.

MORPHOSOS’ works create unique value of prestige and sophistication
to buildings, urban and landscape environments and interiors,
transforming them to iconic, emblematic, unique spaces in harmony with their surroundings.


MORPHOSOS’ art is a kind of refined, sophisticated, multidimensional dialogue between
contemporary art and heritage of human civilization.
This art evokes the timeless value of beauty, perfect proportions and human scale
of classical masterpieces and refers to mythology and history.

MORPHOSOS artists draw inspirations from timeless resources of the vast vault of the human heritage:
harmony, beauty and humanistic values of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and the Italian Renaissance,
visionariness of surrealism, boldness of cubism…

MORPHOSOS group also draws inspirations from architecture, philosophy, literature and music
and re-interpretes them in the form of modern language of contemporary art,
that reflects and expresses the shifting and advancing social, cultural, political and technological aspect of modern life.

In the contemporary world, weary of anonymity, monotony and uniformity of contemporary architecture,
against the background of contemporary art oversaturated with abstraction and deformation,
MORPHOSOS creates works expressing the cult of individuality and uniqueness of man
expressed through fascination with the form of the human face and body enriched by the shapes
of timeless symbols.

These works contain symbolic, allegoric messages, that stimulate the 21st century audience
to reflection on sources of human civilization, human psyche, attitudes, morality,
weakness and power of man, on the order of the world, on fundamental values.

The mission of MORPHOSOS’ art is to define the new value and new identity,
inspired by timeless patterns present in the Greek Agora, the Roman forum, the Renaissance square
and to enrich spaces inhabited by of 21st century individuals and communities.


MORPHOSOS founders, leaders and design directors – Krzemir Heliński and Piotr Cieślik
are artists with architectural education, experience and practice.
They based the artistic philosophy of the group on profound understanding and respect
of issues of site-specific art.
This is why works of the group respond to both physical context, and the metaphysical context
within which works of art are exposed and received by the audience.

MORPHOSOS artists profoundly understand and respect:
– ideas and requirements of designers of buildings, urban and landscape environments and interiors,
– issues of locations, local materials, planning framework, building codes,
– client’s aspirations, community values.

MORPHOSOS offers for designers collaboration based on unique comfort and profitability.

Ask for details at:   contact@morphosos.com


MORPHOSOS artists create their works – sculptures, paintings and other artworks
– comprehensively, from conception sketches, drawings, technical designs,
to complete sculptures and paintings delivered and setted in outdoor and indoor locations.

As artists with architectural education, experience and practice,
they profoundly understand artistic issues as well as wide range of technical issues,
like detailed technical designs, construction, installations, technologies of production, assembly.

MORPHOSOS dispose of own:
– design studio,
– sculpting and modeling workshop,
– metal casting workshop,
– plating plant,
– stone-curving and stone-cutting workshop,
– carpentry workshop,
– metal workshop,
– supervising team, and assembly team.

MORPHOSOS creates sculptures:
– casted of bronze and brass,
– finished in range of options of patina, polishing, chrome plating, gold plating,
– curved of stones,
– casted of acrylic resin.

Sculptures are set on sophisticated and solid pedestals made of:
– natural stones,
– solid surface materials.
– bronze, brass or steel,
– natural woods.


All works presented in the COLLECTION below are available / can be commissioned.

For commissions, purchasing information, projects and all other information, please
– email: contact@morphosos.com
– phone: +48 601 566 435

Worldwide professional packing and shipping
of any size sculpture is available.

MORPHOSOS artists create their works comprehensively:      
from conception sketches, drawings, technical designs,  to complete sculptures and paintings
delivered and setted in outdoor or indoor locations.

Phone: +48 601 566 435
E-mail: contact@morphosos.com