Raise Of Icarus

brass castings, forged brass

brown patina, gold satin

Main dimensions:
H 60 x W 60 x D40 cm
(H 24 x W 24 x D 16 in)

apprx. 22 kg (49 lb)

Symbolic message of the sculpture:
According to Greek mythology,
Icarus was a man who, having wings
and driven by dreams, soared too high,
too close to the sun, which led to his fall.
This sculpture expresses the confidence
that even after the greatest failures,
there is the potential to rise, flourish
and achieve one’s goals


    To an individual order, the sculpture
can be made in any size or gold-plated.

The sculpture is signed with
an individual number and a certificate issued by the artists who are
its authors.

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